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A game of Shared pleasure for two

Illustration and Design by Nick Ribera

Sexual communication is an extremely important part of any healthy relationship.

Satisfy is a game where two players act as partners, each trying to satisfy each other’s needs by following clues and trying their best to finish as simultaneously as possible.

The players each have a set of increasingly difficult secret Goals that they want to try to satisfy before their hand or the Stimulation Deck runs out of cards. These goals represent different arrangements of the markers on the Shared Experience board.

Inspired by such games as Fog of Love and Codenames, Satisfy will exercise your empathy and understanding by putting both of you in a vulnerable and often hilarious place

Satisfy: A Game of Shared Pleasure for Two
Satisfy: A Game of Shared Pleasure for Two
"Satisfy" Limited Edition Sublimated 6-panel Flat Bill Hat
Limited Edition Hat

Made with the help of the Kickstarter community.

How to Play Satisfy

Review the Rulebook


1x Shared Experience Board

Edge-to edge dye sublimated neoprene mat with stitched edges.

2x Goal Card Holders

Black plastic clips designed to keep your goal card upright and hidden from your partner's view.

2x Turn Order Cards

Double sided standard-sized cards containing all the actions and quick access rules to speed up gameplay

4x Markers

Ceramic poker chips with double sided printing. Each one corresponds to a matching track on the the Shared Experience board.

5x Scenario Cards

Standard-sized cards detailing alternate rules for play with differing levels of difficulty for maximum replayability.

24x Action Cards

Standard-sized cards with different abilities gained throughout the game to help you reach your goals, or in some cases, to hinder your progress.

50x Goal Cards

These bridge-sized cards come in 5 levels of difficulty, each one describing an arrangement of the markers that you and your your partner must try to match.

50x Stimulation Cards

30 double colored and 20 single colored bridge-sized cards used to move the markers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Satisfy is based on a conversational, give and take form of gameplay that requires you don't know what the other player needs until you experiment and receive their clues.

While the rules don't specifically have a set up for more than two players, you can have players play as a team, both using the same goal card(s), action cards, and sharing clues to help the other player o team hit their goal(s).

Then I would call the game a success.