The Transformed and Clip Studio Paint

The Transformed and Clip Studio Paint

Today's card is the Transformed. It is inspired by tarot cards that describe travel or transitions from one phase of life to another.


  • You have undergone extreme situations and are emerging as a weaker person. Your health, finances, or personal relationships have taken a hit and will take a long time to recover. Tread lightly and be cautious of the damage you wear.


  • You have undergone extreme situations and are emerging as a stronger person. Bent, but not broken. Turn your wounds into calluses and come back stronger than the fragile person you were before.


For my second topic of discussion, I wanted to talk  about the software(s) I'm using. Each illustration begins with a collection of images found via google search. This one, for example, involved some photos of flowers, vines, and a mummified corpse. I place them all together as a collage using Clip Studio Paint and draw on top of them.

My clip studio paint file begins as a template with a slew of layers all labeled by intent and brush along with color limited on them. This makes it easier to stick to a process that will be repeatable and will result in similar images. Here's a screenshot of the layers involved in this image:

Each card requires a bleed (a print term for art that extends past where the cards are cut). My top layer is a red rectangle that helps me keep my illustration within the correct area. The drawings done on Clip Studio Paint are then exported into Adobe Indesign where I add the text. From here, they are re-exports and brought into another InDesign file which will ultimately be converted to PDF and used by the printer for the final job.