The Exposed and Alternate Games

The Exposed and Alternate Games

Today's card is The Exposed. It's not based on any specific Tarot alternative. The idea came to me as an image first. I thought it was sexy and creepy, and I knew I had to have it in the deck. So the meaning was written to support the image.


  • Past trauma acts as a trigger for you, and it leaves a sensitive mark on your psyche that affects how others treat you as well as how you respond to them. Don't pick at the scab, let it heal.


  • You wear your heart on your sleeve. Be guarded but don't be ashamed. Others recognize your genuineness and will flock to it.


Our secondary conversation today is about the games that I'm designing to fit within this deck. Tarot has a long standing tradition of games utilizing the cards. and I wanted to do something similar with this one. If all stretch goals are hit, the box will contain a metal coin and a dice, both of which will also be used in the games or the readings.

I've developed two games so far and I'm playing with an idea for a third.

The first is an adaptation of the classic parlor game Exquisite Corpse. Using the cards, players will take turns weaving an elaborate story, building on the cliffhanger left by the previous player.

The second is currently called "Absolution" and it involves players investigating the whereabouts of a demon that is sneaking through your village causing emotional havoc on those around you. The goals is to play cards that total to a number within an ever shrinking range as you hone in on the demon's location to vanquish it.

Please let me know if you have any pitches for a third game and I might end up developing it and giving you a credit in the final product.