The Bifurcated and Kickstarter Launch

The Bifurcated and Kickstarter Launch

Today we'll be discussion The Bifurcated. Initially I wanted an image of a man split from groin to neck. I took a few reference photos but I couldn't get an image that was understandable, striking, and made sense in a vertical orientation. I then remembered Rorschach's memory of the dog with it's head split open in The Watchmen. For the model I used a photo reference of one of my favorite musicians, Me'Shell Ndegeocello. No reason other than I like her face.


You are at a crossroads, a large decision is in front of you and neither option seems easy or correct. Both will be a struggle and your ultimate destination is obscured in both directions.


You have chosen a path in a recent decision and your destination is starting to emerge from the fog. You begin to see your new home now and it is a natural progression of the road you traveled to get there. Ultimately, your goal is a reflection of the effort you expended along the way, so try to make the best of your hard work.


For our second conversation, I wanted to share the expected launch date for this project on Kickstarter. But before we get into that, let me describe why I'm using Kickstarter and how it works.

Effectively, Kickstarter is a pre-order system. By selling the decks before the manufacturing begins, I'm able to pay for production without needing to take out a loan. The "project" on kickstarter will include a video explaining the deck, details on how it's being manufactured, information on what I've completed so far and where I could use your input. Kickstarter allows me to expand my marketing reach outside my local bubble. It also allows me to build a community around the project that is able to assist with the development and ensure I'm making decisions that benefit my audience. Additionally, via Kickstarter you'll be able to pre-order the deck at a 20% discount from the final MSRP. And through your assistance and sharing of the project, stretch goals will also be met that will add more to the deck and box.

Please visit the project and check the Notify Me button to be alerted when it launches. The faster it hits it's funding goal the more people will see it and the better the project will ultimately become.

So when is it launching? Right now I'm 95% sure it'll be July 1st. I have the final elements for my current project (Satisfy) arriving in the next week or two, and then I'll be able to start delivering it to backers. I expect to have the Goracle in backer's hands within 3-4 months, and my following (currently unannounced project) will hopefully be delivered by Valentine's day 2022.