The Immolated and an Updated Logo

The Immolated and an Updated Logo

Today's featured card is The Immolated. The idea behind this card displays one of the main features of this deck. Cards have their own meaning, but often times they have a secondary use as an influencer on the cards around it. Here are the Upright and inverted descriptions of The Immolated:


  • A Representation of intensity, this describes an exaggeration of the cards around it. On its own it could infer overindulgence, warmth, vitality, or abundance.


  • When inverted, this has a numbing effect on the cards around it, reducing the intensity in which they should be interpreted. On its own it references meekness and drought.

This was one of my first illustrations in this deck. the image of a woman burning alive, like the Salem Witch trials, is what informed the art.

Meanwhile, I've had a change in heart in the logo design. Here is the original:

After people I trust finally convincing me that it's illegible, I relented. I still love the shape of the logo, as it looks like some kind of sharp and scary thrown weapon, but legibility is much more important. Here is my new design, which I am still very happy about:

That's all for today's entry. In another 5 to 7 days I'll have a new post featuring another card from the series as well as a conversation on print size and templates.