The Alone and Card Sizes

The Alone and Card Sizes

Today we'll be talking about "The Alone."

The idea came to me as a reaction to the card in my previous blog, The Immolated. I wanted to design the opposite of the burning warmth of a pyre so I searched for images of dead, mummified, and frozen bodies.


The lack of personal relationships you have is taking its toll on you. The coldness in your life is not imagined. Seek friendship, seek love, seek connections. Seek warmth, from any source. Also can be interpreted as an inversion of the Immolated.


When inverted, this can have an effect similar to the Immolated- exaggerating the effect of cards around it. On its own it can represent an acknowledgement of the many strong connections you have with those people in your circle. They provide warmth and love in your personal relationships.

Please let me know your thoughts on this card and it's place in an oracle deck.

Meanwhile, I'd also like to discuss the cards themselves. I am going larger than my previous Tarot Deck, in fact about 33% larger.

Along side this increase in size, I'm also going thicker. Each card will be printed on 400gsm white card card stock, while typical tarot cards are 300gsm.

Thank you and stick around for my next post in the following 5-7 days,