The Hung and our Stretch Goals So Far

The Hung and our Stretch Goals So Far

Today we will be discussing The Hung. The imagery for this card was inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I saw this movie pretty young and the shot of Leatherface lifting the girl and putting her on the meathook really stood with me. The idea of your full weight resting on a hook digging into your ribs was exciting, rough, visceral- all of the above.


You are in pain, and it only gets worse as you struggle. Surrendering to the pain will be difficult but the only way through it is by keeping your head down and waiting for your chance.


Your trials are coming to an end, and you are being rewarded for your patience. Continue to see this through and keep your eyes open for the light at the end of the tunnel.


Meanwhile, the kickstarter project is humming along very nicely! We have hit 200% funding and have this far unlocked the Magnet Box, metal coin, and just this morning the die Stretch Goals. 

The Social stretch goals are a little slower going, as we've only unlocked 1 of the 5 additional cards.

If you're reading this, then you have probably already done so, but if not, please click the link on the image above to access each of these channels. Sharing, viewing, or liking these will help get the word out as well as more directly unlock these extra cards for the deck.

Until next week, thank you!