The Desiccated and some Time Lapse

The Desiccated and some Time Lapse

For The Desiccated, I wanted to have an image that evoked extreme thirst, so I searched through  bunch of illustrations of mummified remains for my reference.

(Please ignore the typo in the card image)


You have forgotten your simple basic needs and have become too focused on the details. Try to focus on the big picture, your health, your sleep, etc, and the other elements will fall into place.


You have been going through the motions and are forgetting what makes life worth living. You need to think about adding more spice- go out, make new friends, find a new hobby. There is more to health than just the physical.


Meanwhile, I'd like to show off a timelapse of a recent card drawing- The Death Pact. I knew from the start I wanted this as a topic/card, but it wasn't until a few days ago I finally figured out the imagery I needed. As such, I spun up the new Time Lapse feature in Clip Studio Paint, and here it is: