The Immobile and Beyond the Kickstarter

The Immobile and Beyond the Kickstarter

Today we will be discussing "The Immobile." This card began as a description rather than as an image. I know what I wanted the card to mean, but a few bad sketches of broken/missing limbs kept failing me until I remembered the Hobbling scene in Misery. That ended up being the inspiration for the image on the card.


You are stuck in place that you don't want to be. Travel and freedom of movement eludes you. Maybe you are afraid to go out. Spend time exploring your city, find new experiences close to home and slowly work your way out further with each adventure.


You are running away from your responsibilities. You are moving too fast and are not remaining still long enough to make any meaningful connections. Slow down and enjoy some moments of clarity before moving on.


Currently, there are only three days to preorder via the kickstarter at 20% off of the retail price of the final deck. After that, I'll have a pre-order page up that has pre-orders open at 15% off of the final retail price. This option will remain up as I am finalizing the art and deck- all the way until the proofs are approved for final production.

If you want to be part of the conversation and provide input on the designs, make sure to join the kickstarter as soon as possible.

This will also help us reach all of our stretch goals.