The Poisoned and Add Ons

The Poisoned and Add Ons

The imagery in The Poisoned is based off of two things: Charlize Theron's Aileen Wournos character in the film Monster (I wanted to draw a woman that looked like she has seen it all but still seem threatening despite her situation) and inspired by the Game of Thrones scene when King Joffrey gets poisoned.


You are being lied to by someone you trust. You are being gaslit and as you ignore your intuition it is beginning to grow in you as a cancer. Cut out the disease by being honest to yourself and to the one who is hurting you.


You may be unaware of it, but you are lying to someone you trust. You need to be clear about your intentions before the damage you are causing becomes permanent and hurts you too.


Our second conversation today will be about the add-ons that I've included in the kickstarter project. In order to keep it simple, I only have two pledge levels, one for the deck and another for 10+ decks at wholesale pricing. If you want additional decks, you can include them as add-ons to increase the amount you'll be collecting.

I have three more options in the add-ons area. You can include your name in the acknowledgements of the manual, you can receive a special neoprene mat branded for the deck, or you can receive an envelope with 5 randomly selected cards printed as postcards. This will work as a kind of reading that you can also send out to people with whom you think that card would resonate.

I am extremely excited about this project's launch on July 1st. If you haven't already, please visit it at this link and click on Notify me on Launch. This way you won't miss it and can help us hit all of the stretch goals I have planned.

Thank you for your time!