Satisfy: A Game of Shared Pleasure for Two

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Satisfy is a game where two players act as partners, each trying to satisfy each other’s needs by following clues and trying their best to finish as simultaneously as possible.

The players each have a set of secret Goals that they want to try to satisfy before their hand or the Stimulation Deck runs out of cards. These goals represent different arrangements of the markers on the Shared Experience board.


  • 1x Shared Experience Board
  • 2x Goal Card Holders
  • 2x Turn Order Cards
  • 4x Markers
  • 5x Scenario Cards
  • 24x Action Cards
  • 50x Goal Cards
  • 50x Stimulation cards
    • 20x Single color
    • 30x Double Color

Satisfy was created with the assistance of the Kickstarter community.