The Transformed and Progress

The Transformed and Progress

As of writing this, I've designed all but one card. I have a few ideas floating around in my head for it but nothing has impressed me enough to commit to canvas. Once I have this final card's description complete, I can move on to completing the manual.

With that, I can then get a final size for the box based on the number of cards, the length of the manual, the coin, and die.

I'm very happy with the progress I've made, but I still have a good chunk of work ahead of me.

The Transformed began as a different illustration, but it was renamed to Rebirth, as this idea came to mind. The image of a woman in a bathtub of blood is nothing new, but I wanted it to appear as a hydro birth of your new self. This idea of transformation fit the title of The Transformed much better than the old illustration. This represents a change of your current self, while the Rebirth card focuses on the death that must happen before the changes can be made.



You have not learned from your experiences. Others around you have changed, grown, and adapted to their new circumstances- all leaving you behind. Your rigidity may be impressive, but you will never grow if you don't embrace a change in yourself.


The change that has come to you has been immeasurable. You are nearly unrecognizable to those around you. Celebrate the new you- introduce yourself to the world and be proud of the metamorphosis.