New Direction for the Blog

New Direction for the Blog

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Let's start with where we are now:

That's right- I've finished ALL of the cards! I've also edited many of the ones that I had already shared- mostly just cleaning them up, making them more dramatic, etc. I also renamed a couple, fixed a typo or two, and adjusted all of the number and icon placements. 

I also tweaked the coin design, which you'll see below alongside a similar coin from my manufacturer's previous project.

I know the majority of you picked Black as the mat color, but I figured I'd get both version printed up as samples. This is the photo taken by the manufacturer (I've noticed that the manufacturers always takes terrible photos) so I'll be sure to take better ones when they arrive.  I'm 99% sure I'll do the full order in black.

A couple days ago...

Kickstarter finished collecting pledges. If you're curious about the final count, here it is:

  • 102 decks
  • 15 mats
  • 9 postcard sets
  • 6 names in the credits

Based on pricing, I think I'm going to pump in a bunch of my own money to get 400 decks made. That's how many I had produced for Eros Tarot, and I ended up selling all the remaining copies within three months.  I have similar faith for this project.

Now that the cards are done, I can work on finalizing the rulebook. Once that's done and I have a page count, I can get the final box size and work on a design that matches that print template.


The Goracle Development Blog

will shift in tone. It used to be a weekly presentation of each card, but now that they've all been publicly posted to a new website (details below) I'll use it as a secondary location for these updates, ripe for the pre-orders/late pledges that didn't happen via Kickstarter.



since Kickstarter doesn't let me edit the project story now that the project has ended, I've decided to build a a webpage that will house all of the cards and their descriptions. You can review ALL of the cards and their meanings at the new

Not only will you see a list of the cards, but you'll also be able to click on any card's title to see the Upright and Inverted descriptions along with a small note from me about how I came to design that card. You'll also see each card available for purchase as a 12"x18" Print and as a T-shirt. 

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