39: The 2024 Academy Awards with John, Christopher, Ron, and Leslie

39: The 2024 Academy Awards with John, Christopher, Ron, and Leslie

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The conversation begins with an introduction and background information about the participants. They then discuss their overall impressions of the Oscars and the lack of excitement and surprises. They also talk about the comedy bits and presenters, with a focus on Melissa McCarthy's comedy skills. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about dresses and fashion, including body positivity and styling choices. They also discuss Jodie Foster's style and men's fashion. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the musical performances. The conversation covers various topics related to the Golden Globe Awards, including discussions about the winners, performances, and controversies. The hosts express surprise at certain winners and disappointment at the exclusion of certain movies. They also compare the hosting styles of Jimmy Kimmel and Ricky Gervais. The conversation touches on the movie 'Dune' and John Cena's previous nude scenes. The duration of the awards is praised for its smooth flow. The hosts select the movie 'Girls Will Be Girls' for their next review.

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A Conversation with with John, Christopher, Ron, and Leslie:


So, well, last year I was at my own house, and I'm in like the north half of Kenwood. We had like maybe three visitors the entire weekend. Because you're off the track. Yeah, everyone in the south of Fifth had hundreds of visitors. So, Jana asked me to be in her space because she also does very spooky gothy stuff. Yeah. So like thematically. But yeah, at the time I didn't even know you were on it.

I know I had a lot of fun staying at your place. Oh yeah, no, of course. You're welcome here next year. Yeah. We were talking about possibly being on the committee next year. Oh good. Yeah. The committee is a lot, as you know. It seems like it's a lot less than Winter in the Wood. Winter in the Wood was a lot. I'm sorry I couldn't do it. Yeah. And it really had nothing to do with you. So I did the first year of Winter.

I did that, this last year we could not do it. But we did the first one and it was good. We did really well. I did all my creepy Christmas stuff. I don't know if you stopped by the booth or not. I did a lot of the antique Santas and that stuff. But yeah, I'll do the next year. It really has nothing. It's funny because when you're seven, when you sit. Are we recording? Yes.

Oh my gosh, I think I know. Never mind, sorry. But I just remember your text coming. So I was like... She will not be doing it. It was on our mind. Okay, so we can just do it like this? We don't have to all go up? I loved it. I thought tonight... Actually, before we start, let's just go around the horn and introduce ourselves for the recording. I'm Christopher.

And I love the visual aspect of the Oscars. I like how it's presented each year and how the sets change. One of my big things is the clothes. I love the clothes as much as I love the movies. And Ron, introduce yourself. I'm Ron. I thoroughly enjoy the cinematic experience.


I was expecting different things tonight, but I thought overall it was really good. John? I'm John. I can't stand Christopher.

And I love movies. I love movies. I love award shows. People tune into my... I love red carpets. People tune into my Facebook for what I call shit talking. It's not even like, you know, when I'm watched... I've already watched all the movies or heard all the records or whatever.

the subject of the award ceremony is. So by the time I'm about to watch it, yes, I want what I felt was best awarded, but at that point I'm there to have fun and I'm just there to shit talk about like, who looks great, who doesn't look great, you know, who tripped, who whatever. And I think that's kinda at that point what the celebrities are there for, because they've done the work.

And you know, they can just be hopeful that they win so Might as well go there to have fun. I mean at least that's what I would Would be my decision And lastly, I'm Leslie next wife. I'm here to entertain She's also an alcoholic And this is a tw- this is an actual meeting It's an intervention A 12-step meeting We shouldn't have had so much food

That's 12 steps of Oscars. Whoopsies! Well this is Nick, I want to say overall I had a


as far as the show itself. Kind of, I think it's just that. Nothing went wrong, which I was hoping something would go wrong. A dress broke. A dress did break. And that's gonna be Oscar gold for the next film. It wasn't Jennifer Lawrence tripping from the stairs. But her tits did fall out. It wasn't anyone saying the wrong movie. It wasn't someone getting slapped. Right, right, right.

It was a safe. They were more focused on the drugs. I thought it was an adequate show. Yeah. I got a safe. I got such a thingy. Safe, it was safe.

say was particularly exciting and I wouldn't say that like there were other than best actress I would say that there were many surprises. Oh, um, the man who came out naked. John Cena. Well that was fun. You were a little surprised. I liked a lot of the comedy bits more than I expected.

I think the person who was, it's weird, as great as an actor is, they're so unnatural when giving an award. Oh, they can be, yeah. Very uncomfortable and very stiff. And even if they have a funny joke, it just doesn't come out. But like miles ahead, all of them was Melissa McCarthy. Yes. She's so good. And she's comedy, though. She's good. She's always ready to go. She can do anything. She can do, she's gonna...

win an Oscar for playing like a crack whore mom or something that's totally unlike what were you seeing her because comedians have that in them. They have the darkness. Right. In the darkness. I think she tried that a few years ago with Can You Only Forgive Me? Or Can You Ever Forgive Me? Oh, right. And she was nominated for anything for that. No, she was nominated for an Oscar. Oh, and I liked it. Or, I don't know if that's the movie, but.


I mean, I love the Richard.


He also played one of the Loki's in the Loki show. And he was the best part of King Averly. Okay. Whatever it is. Well, let's talk about some of the dresses. What were some of your favorite dresses and most ridiculous dresses? So, we're closing. The most ridiculous would be Ariana Grande's. Yeah.

Well, I would say as a duo, Ariana and Cynthia, are you sure? Like, it was she was a pro-apse anus and Ariana was and then like Cynthia turned around and she was like a lizard. Yeah. They just were not the most flattering for people who you would expect to be. To be totally. Right. To be totally done.

And I know they were going for the pink and green thing, the little wicket thing, but it could have been better. Yeah. Somebody who was not on the broadcast, the Berncox looked beautiful on the carpet. It was beautiful. Yeah, the Berncox. I love the Berncox. She's always got great taste. Yeah. So he's done really well. I did think that, um,

This array was a hit. Like that thigh, that slit, that little bit of thigh. Yeah, we all got a little wet over there.

Yeah. I can see Charlize Theron, I think Charlize Theron, even though she wasn't a- she's just a presenter. She's always stunning. I think she has great style. She knows, like, what looks good on her and she sticks to it. I would say this, Erin.


We had a slight discussion on this. There's a silver trend and I like silver, I like silver jewelry, I like a lot of things silver, but silver dresses are tough, like depending on the material and it's a big trend now. And I feel like unless it has some texture to it, like a beading or a secret or something. It's hard, it just looks hard. It's hard.

Jissy Puff bag? Right. Or...

it looks like, I think you said a disco ball or yeah just it you know and what was her name um from that one last year for best actress I believe she had the silver dress that we hated at first and then we liked when she took the gloves off. She took the gloves off. Was that Michelle Yeoh? Michelle Yeoh. Yeah she was on the red carpet and she had that silver dress which I'm sure looked gorgeous in the showroom.

And then she had these... Yeah, I don't know if it was because she had the black velvet gloves. She thought that it would match. It looked like she had black pumps on. Something. It still didn't go with the Indian. It was not good at all. First of all, if I'm doing a silver gown, I'm doing silver shoes. So that it flows. I'm not going to cut it off at the hem. Or, you know, wherever the hem is. So the listeners, three fifths of the people here wear dresses.

Yes. Wait, what? No, no. Yeah, three fifths. You're not, you're not, you don't wear dresses. No, no. No, you don't. In the past I have. Once or twice. So, I want to call out Jimmy Kendall's Unnecessary Coaching.


Oh, the second color looks so starched, so stiff. Well, that's, that was a trend tonight, stiff clothes. Yeah. And like- Cuz there was one that had the- Yeah. Well, that was Emily Blunt. Right, Emily Blunt. It looked like she was in love with somebody else. Well, that was so damn funny. That was so damn funny. It looked like she didn't shut out that injury. In fact, it's almost like when she got it out of the chair. It looked like a different one.

It got stuck. It got stuck, yes. And no one came behind her to pull it down. Well, I think they're like, no, no. It didn't look like, yes. Because when she was sitting, it didn't look like that. And it didn't be sitting good, it just didn't look like that. I don't get it. I think they're like, um, what is it when you wear, like, um.

Not a corset, but like a battle thing. A breastplate. They're solid. These pieces are solid. And that's great when you're standing in a certain angle for a photograph, but not when you're moving. Nothing solid on your body looks great if you're moving.


So it was just really odd to see these people. Well, it's had it that was in the black. When she looked, she looked like Barbara Robbie had a very stiff garment.


She was on the plane. Yeah, yeah. There were a couple of people. It was a standing dress. Yeah. I really liked America Ferreira's pink dress. I liked it, but that was stiff as well. If you look at, that silhouette was. Yeah, look good on her. It was stiff. But we never saw her.

We saw her standing, we saw her as we should see that garment. Yes. And that's what you have to keep in mind, I think, when you pick. I think, let me say it again, Davine Joy, I don't think she shouldn't have been in a halter top. No, she hasn't on that. Or Shani Satin.

She's short here. The blue, she's short here. Okay, this is not an insult. She doesn't have necks, some people don't have necks. So you want to open the chest area up to elongate that area. Blonde has been a recent change on her in awards ceremonies, and blonde is lovely for her. I agree. Yes. I love. Yeah, I like the blonde.

I did not like the cheerleader pompom sleeves. They look like the Fry children from McDonald's. Ah. But I loved seeing her shoulders. And no, that's good. You wanna see, one of my criticisms about her styling in the past has been that.

They put her in these things that swallowed her. And I'm like, she has a body. She's a bigger person, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a body. So let's- Do you think they put her in bigger dresses to make her look like a less of a bigger-


Because that's, that's a, a time as time as, what is it? It's... Old thinking? Time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as time as

If you, if, listen, I was a fat person. I would put the biggest size of anything that I could on me because I thought that made my body go away and it would make me feel like I look thinner, which is a lot. You just look bigger. You're putting more mass on yourself. And we need to know that.

even bigger bodies her bodies, and it's okay to honor those, it's okay to hug those curves, it's okay to, and as of Lee, the last couple of awards, they've done that for her, whoever her star is, I don't know. But that's been a nice thing. And you see, if you look at the pictures, she's more radiant and more smiling, and she looks happier.

But I do think that they missed out on, you know, like props on being body conscious. I don't think that the triangle going up to her neck that holds her was the best way to go. I didn't love it. I mean, I liked the color, but I don't know. It was...

I would say it's a plus because she seemed happy and she was. She looked very comfortable. She looked comfortable. It looked like she felt like she looked pretty. But I don't think it's the best for her.


No. Like the best look that Briggs had, I shouldn't say the best for her like I'm saying, this is the best for you, David. Like what Briggs had for the most beautiful heart. She's beautiful. Yes she is. I didn't see what Jodie Foster was wearing, but I thought she looked amazing. She did. She looked modern, cool, up to date. It doesn't matter what she was wearing. It's Jodie Foster. She's amazing.

super old. We see older stars and either they're trying to look too trendy and too young. No. Or. No, she's pleasant. Or they just don't look cool like they're too old. Like they're just like. Well, like a Nat Bening. But she's like. Right. No, I think she's off her sister-in-law's wardrobe. You know, her sister-in-law is Shirley McClain.

So I think she got married to Annette Bening's sister-in-law, Shirley MacLaine. Oh, I didn't realize that. Yeah, her brother, Shirley MacLaine and her brother, baby. Well, a long time ago. A long time ago. Well, Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are still, yeah, they're brother and sister. They're brother and sister. And Warren Beatty is married to Annette Bening still. They're still married. With three kids. Um, I think Joey Foster doesn't give a fuck.

She doesn't care. What any of us doesn't care. And that's the magic. It's just wild because we've been watching her in Night Country. Yeah, I'm mad. Love that. We need to watch that too. It's wonderful. And she's such a, I don't give a fuck, character. She seems like someone who has never worn makeup in her entire life. As a character. Yeah. So it's just wild seeing her at the Academy Awards when she's totally done. And she just looked like 30 years younger. But, well, it's Jodie Foster. Totally.

I was just gonna say, Jodie Foster's never gonna have the drag makeup on. She has just the right amount of makeup to glam her up. But she still looks relaxed. She's always... Jodie Foster's never gonna wanna be the glamour girl. She wants to be the cool chick at the party.


And she is. She is, yeah. And she was. I thought she looked great. I thought she looked great. You know, like, she looked modern and cool. I loved her hair cut. It's sexy. It's like, it wasn't so all curled and poofed and everything. It's just modern and nice. It was. She looked very real. Yeah. So, I guess big bow ties are in, like you were saying. Yes. Jimmy Kimmel had a giant bow tie. Love those big bow ties. I like that. And I love seeing...

I like the bell bottoms, semi-flare, and some of the touchy hands down in junior. And I think they looked really good on a lot of people. I think those are good. I like to volume out my bottom half. For my proposal proposal. So I enjoy that those are in. I think RDJ looked like late rock.

Who? RDJ looked like the late Rock Hudson Like when he was dying Oh, RDJ Oh no I thought he looked good I thought for his age, I thought he looked good Wait, no, that is so wrong That's an ace thing He is going for late Rock Hudson That's an ace thing

thin for that suit no he didn't look oh my god we have to look sickly listeners there are three gay men here okay don't go crazy don't post no

We will correct him and get him okay. I don't think that Nick was even going for the eggs thing. No, he was. Well, you may not realize, but he was. He did. Well, I'm just remembering like, how you knew him. How you remember him seeing a little guy. From a documentary about him I saw recently. Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. When he was sick.


But he was the epitome of masculinity and sexuality and... Handsomeness. Handsomeness and I mean he was the be-all end-all. And I was born in 68 so I remember clearly. Plus he was getting on with Montgomery Clif for a long time. Well yeah and Salmoneo.

Oh right, so that was like a brotherhood right?


Jimmy Dean, there was a little something there. Anyway. Yeah. But anyway. Jimmy Dean sausage. Yeah. It was like a whole, we shifted. What? Yeah, we shifted. It's okay. But, I know, I thought you looked good. I liked everyone's brooches. Well, the men's brooches that were the red things. I loved the brooches. So, I looked it up. That's like supporting the ceasefire. Yeah. Between, uh, between Pakistan and... Oh.

Yes. Yeah, Palestine. Palestine, a lot. Seems like every year there's something that's going on. A new ribbon? Oh, it's fine. I mean, I appreciate them, you know, wanting to say they support a ceasefire, but I don't like when actors... I think just say it on your social media, say it on your platform. Yeah. You don't have to wear a ribbon for it. So you two might remember this. Sorry to interrupt you. Do you remember when...

Vanessa Redgrave was banned from, do you remember this? From the Academy Awards for a while because of her outspoken speech for the PLO after she had made the movie Julia with Jane Fonda. You remember that? I remember seeing that. It's like, oh yeah, this is way before you were born. Well, the thing is that like... 78 maybe, somewhere like that. If you ask me to wear a ribbon, it's part of something.

I'm gonna politely define because I picked my outfit out and I don't wanna stick something on. No, let me tell you, we were at the Wave Awards and they were like, here's your sticker. I was supposed to be the only female wearing it, but she did have a blazer on. I'm like, even like we were at the Wave Awards and they were like, here's your sticker and I was like very rude.

reluctant to put it on because I'm like, I don't know, this is my outfit, it might leave a stain or whatever on it. And I'm like, I would just be like, no, I've already spoken out about this. People know where I stand about this. I don't know that I need to put a red dot on my, if you need to do that. I mean, if you wanna do that, that's great, but I don't think people should feel. There was that Seinfeld episode about that.


Oh, I don't remember. I might have stopped watching it. Or maybe I'm having a... Okay, so let's talk about the...

The thing that they did were like previous winners announced the nominees. I thought it was very cool. I liked it. And it was nice to see some of those, like I loved seeing Jessica Lange. Oh yes. I do. I thought that was great. Mary Steenburgen. She looked great. Mary Steenburgen. Thanks, Selma. I remember what you looked for. It was fun that they did that. You know, wasn't that movie she did...

I got the woman who's like a doctor and she's like out in the country. I know what you're talking about. I think maybe she might have won something for that. She might have. A doctor. I don't know what you're saying. A doctor. And she was playing someone else or something. That's Jane Seymour here. That's Jane Seymour. Jane. Yeah. Mary Seymour. Yeah.

But yeah, that was really fun. I thought it was... It added a nice dynamism to it. No, it was. It was lovely. It was like a whole little production. It definitely felt like the first time they did it, which was Best Supporting Actor, they were matching people race by race. Which I thought was kind of weird. Oh! But then I guess they ran out of non-white people. Right. And then they were like, you're not white, and you're not white.

So the Asian guy who will introduce the black guy. Yeah. Mary Seenbergian, best supporting actress in 1981, Melvin and Howard. Oh, now that's not the baby I'm thinking about. No, it was something in the movie. You know what I'm talking about. She drove like the whole car.


She's like a doctor in the woods or something. Yeah. Well, whatever Melvin Howard does, she won't hurt for it. Well, what do you guys think about the musical performances? Uh... I loved Billy and Phineas. Billy, that was good. That was really good. And was cute. I enjoyed that.

I think the best thing is that the Ken performance was the most fun, but Billie Eilish won. Yes. Because it was like a surprise. You were like, oh, now either one of those. Because did they get him to do it live because it's going to win? Because it was kind of a big deal that they got him to do it live. I remember, was it Golden Globes that he won for?

to go up to accept it? I think so. Yeah. He's like, it doesn't make sense that a movie about womanhood gives an award to a guy singing about women. It was when that comedian was... No, I think I think, huh. I feel like Golden Globe um I'll wait until they're done. Yeah, if we only have the technology we'll have...

Yeah, that's fun. I just remember the comedian that did do well. But he did make it, he did take a stand. Right, it was that one. He did take a stand about like, the male part of it being nominated, for sure. But, oh my goodness. How many pianos did they have?

Like a pink one, and John Batiste had a different color. Oh! It was two of them. Yeah. So, that's true. And did John Batiste's not look the best? It looks beautiful. It's a purple suit, right? It was white. Cool, it was like white. Wait, didn't he wear a... Didn't he need to do like, color guard change with me? Maybe he wore a purple suit later. No. Someone else had a purple suit with a black shirt and a gold chain.


He performed here. I'm so sorry that you've been doing drugs. Yeah, it was not like a white corner. It was. I mean, I always love whenever he was on Late Night and all the colors that he wore too. He's always cool. In his suits. Gorgeous. I've only known him from Grammy Award nominations.

So I know him from late night is where I first met him and it's a weird huge bands of jazz fest in New Orleans where he started. All this was from. And yeah, so we're big fans of his. I thought that the like orchestra who's doing music and stuff throughout was nice. I like they called him out at some point and he saw the camera angle from within the crowd.

you can see their conductor and then in the distance you can see all the teleprompters I'm surprised at how big they are. I know, right? And all those layers. But it was weird the songs they were playing because I identified the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song which you're like okay yeah that's from the movie but then they also played I'm a Barbie Girl by Aqua. Is that allowed? Okay. Which is strange. It's like I can't.

Was that in the movie at some point? I feel like it had to have been. At some point I'm sure they threw them a bone. Except Barbie. I'm sure. I did also really like when they did screenwriting. It showed the script over the clip that they played. Oh right. I thought that was impossible.

Because I always love seeing how the performers' performance is different from the words. Sure. And there's no guarantee that's actually the script that they were showing, versus then just dictating what they were doing.


So Lily Gladstone didn't win. She didn't win. Wow! I sure thought she was going to. And I gotta tell you, like...

I just thought, again, listen, I have not seen this movie yet, and I'm still dying to see it. So I cannot judge her performance, which I'm sure was amazing. Sure, it was great. But there's also the added elements of...


political and social significance to what it was about and whether that would play into, you know, you...

Because it makes a statement and it's a good statement to be like, oh, this is the first native, but you know. So I was like, for sure she's getting it because she's won everything else. And then for Emma to get it, that was the gag of the whole show to me. Because I love Emma.

But I don't feel like she's been awarded for things that I like her best for. Right, that she should have been awarded for.

So what do you like her best for? I like her best for the help. Great. I am not a big fan of Lala Mayer. I just am not. I don't know what took over the nation. What was the movie that she played Billie Jean King in? Right. She was terrific. Right. Really, really good.

And so I think that while all of her acting was great and poor things, poor thing, I just don't know if it was deserving of it. It was a whole different kind of movie. I mean, Carrie Morgan! It was like entertaining, maybe. I think it would have been entertaining for 12-year-olds is how I felt watching the movie. She was playing very broad.


I feel like if it wasn't gonna be... I love Lily Gladstone, I thought she was gonna... I feel like if it wasn't gonna be Lily Gladstone, which again, I still haven't seen it, I want a Caramel...

Oh yeah, Sherry Mulligan was so great. She was perfection. She was really good. Yeah, I liked that. Miser was really great. They won nothing. Yeah, Miser won nothing. And Killers of the Flower Moon also won nothing. Wow. Yeah, I thought that was gonna be the sweet. See, and I thought cinematography for that one. I know. I know that area so well.

And it was so beautifully shot. And Four Things and Oppenheimer and Four Things won the most awards. Same thing. Four Things won. Four Things won production design, costume design, makeup and hair styling. Spore. No, Spore was Oppenheimer.


No, it was really poor things, right? But yeah, those were the big players. Yeah, I'm really surprised that Lilly Gladstone didn't win. Yeah. Like her performance was so subtle and I guess you don't, there's not a lot of room for subtle performances.

I usually want you to have something. Something, yeah, I guess so. And I guess she is so subtle herself. You remember her whole character, while she was so filled with emotion and everything, her whole character is very, you know, she rarely changes expression. That is very rare. It's very, but she's great.

It's a great show. American Fiction did win for best adaptive screenplay. Uh, Nandini Nivafal had a couple wins like original screenplay. So I really liked, I really liked Nandini Nivafal. And you guys haven't seen that. No, and I'm, I really want to. You need to. It's one of those, it's a very hitchcock kind of thing, like you don't really figure it out until right at the end.

And there's no hidden secrets, like clues, like if how it's gonna, like did she kill him or did she not? You know, it's really well done. Really well done. Huh? Is the dog okay in the movie? Yes, the dog is fine. So, it's, yes, the dog is fine in the movie. It's fictional around real events.

Correct. Okay. It's based like that. The story is Oh Well, I guess well it's fictional around because I know it's like what they live next door to the campus, right? Oh, no, you're talking about Oh You're talking about that. Oh, and then we have fall is which one? The French one. That's the French. Oh, I can pick one. The modern French, English and Belgian. Oh, okay.


Yeah, gotcha. Yeah, that one was original, scary, fun. So, how did you all feel about Jimmy Kimmel? It was fun. I thought he was good. I do like, I mean, while I love all the humor and everything, I don't like it when people get like, called out in the audience or like... Like me... Made to react. Me, made fun of. I don't like that. I don't like that stuff at all.

Kind of bugs me a little bit. So I like that he didn't do that. I kind of do. It was like once. Some people do. I mean, one of my friends was going through that. That was good. Yeah, I think Ricky Gervais should host every awards show. Don't you like, yeah, I want to re-watch some of those Ricky Gervais. I mean, he's just ruthless. He is. You know, he just goes for it. Yeah, but I think that it's received in a way that, like, we know you're...

This is what you do, right? That's what you do, it's your job. And yes, I did do that last year, you're calling me out on it. So you saw the Golden Globes, was that Joe Cory? I love Joe Cory. Oh, yeah. He was pretty under the rap too, wasn't he? I mean, he wasn't... I didn't see the Joe Cory. He didn't really call anyone out, like, in a rude way.

I didn't catch it. He was very, very criticized for it. I know. Yeah, I know. I heard that. What did he do? No, he was very, like, he was, like, over the coals. Like. The way he made kind of barbieing? I don't know what it was for, but they were just, like, he was terrible and landing and. Oh, gotcha. That side. OK, gotcha. I don't think he wrote the jokes himself. And he was mean to me, I think.

You've had Ricky Gervais before him. Right. How can he possibly be too many? Well, do you think part of it is like Hollywood thinks of Ricky Gervais as one of their own because he's done a couple movies? Maybe. But Joe Coy hasn't done any movies? Maybe. So even though he's a more successful stand-up comic, he's not Hollywood. So he's like making fun of Hollywood from the outside. That's very possible. That's absolutely possible. It sure be.


But yeah, they ran him over the coals for roasting.


I think he ended up standing his ground, which I'm good for him. But I didn't get to see it, so... Joe Boyd. He's been building books. I thought Jimmy Kimmel did a fine job. I did too. As a host, he's probably on camera for like, what, 10 minutes or less? Didn't seem like I would have noticed. No, he wasn't on very long. For sure. But I did actually like the, um...

naked wrestler guy he was funny John Cena it was fun it was a nice surprise okay I thought it was very I'm like this is gonna be cringe but then when you announce it was for your cost you were like okay now yeah punchline works right John Cena is weird because like he's funny

He's like good. He's like the rock. His face is like... He's a... He's a... But it all works. He's a handsome meanderthal.

He just is. He has that whole, what we typically do, the whole square. What was that? It was a cartoon of the, like, the, you know, family. Wasn't that, like, a Disney movie or something? Oh, The Croods. Yeah! Like, they're all very, like, hard edged and... Shenanigans. The Croods, yeah. The Croods. I think there's a new one coming out. I think there is, too. But, I mean...

I mean, come on. What was... I mean, I would have put some hair on that body, but other than that... What was wrong with it? I thought it was beautiful. It was great. That's like, it's not his first time being naked. Was he naked in Alarm Blockers? I can't remember. I don't remember that, but I remember in... Well...


He has like a whole tiny, whiny fight scene in Peacemaker. And then in the movie about the drunk white girl. That's the comic I don't like. Are you stealing jokes from other people? Amy Schumer? Yeah, the Amy Schumer movie. What? He was like in a very big naked scene in that. Oh, wow. What do I try to remember?

Trainwreck? Trainwreck, yes. Trainwreck. I don't remember the name. I'm glad that he likes to get naked on camera as a child. Yeah. He's got a body, I'm sure he's... What's their phone number? He's like, he's ready to roll. You know, so like, things like placed in a place we can't see. I mean, we watched Trainwreck. I was thinking of Trainwreck. Funny and silly. Silly and funny. With... Yeah.

with a titty ball. It's almost like she's playing for herself. Yeah. Yeah, but that wasn't Trenric with holding on. No, that was Mug. Swatched? Snatched. Okay, because that one was a... I was like, whoa.

I didn't see that. I didn't see that. It was good? It's... I thought it was funny. It was fun. It's she gets kidnapped and they're on vacation and stuff and her titty ball falls. What? Any movie that uses the word titty ball falling... Titty ball? Her titty ball!

her titty bowl fell out. Her titty bowl fell out. I think it was about the mom, because the mom would go, the older mom would go in the pool and she'd come up out of the water and her titty bowl fell out. Right? That was the whole thing. Sometimes the titty falls out. I know, you don't have them. Sometimes the woman! Because here's the thing.


Nicholas. Nicholas like, oh my god. Women have things called breasts. And sometimes they put them in bathing suits, which are manmade things to make them hide their scary parts. Yes. And then they go in a pool or the beach and then sometimes they come out. Or a slide. And then a teddy ball falls out. Or what? Or a slide. I don't know.

Maybe you're just sliding down Teddy first. I don't know. I don't know how you go down a slide. It's none of my business. I'm not gonna judge you for it. But sometimes the Teddy ball falls out of the bathing suit that was made by a man to cover up your scary partner. So how do you feel about the duration of this? Because the whole rest of the world couldn't handle its business if the Teddy ball was out.

Okay, I'm gonna stop now but, okay go ahead. So I thought the duration of it was good. They actually ran so much like on time. It was like, it was very easy flow. There was like no like monumental speeches where people had to be dragged off. They're just too hungover into music. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I thought time wise it was good. And we didn't miss an award due to a commercial.

No. Right. No. And then over the last year, they got rid of a lot of the below the line ones. Like the, like they didn't do editing or special effects. Right. Those were all done in a separate ceremony. Yeah, which a lot of people got angry about. Well, they do that with Grammys too. They do like the creative, Emmys, and all that stuff.

Well, you can't have it both ways. It's like, let's be here all afternoon or let's let them have separate trips. Well, I'd be here all afternoon. As far as the predictions go, I got six right. Christopher Rich, you got six right. Oh, yes! You got ten right. Yeah! Oh yeah! You know why I got this? Because she's older than I am.


I don't give a fuck how older I am, bitch. I, cause I know my shit. We're gonna go outside and find back this, okay? And then we're gonna make out and make up. Yeah, okay. So, because you got it right, which also there were no Dune jokes, so that's it. Where was that? Yeah. Wait, even Zendaya was there, or Zendaya? She was hard on us there. Yeah, she was hard on us there. Well, you know, she needed to make a pun about walking out.

She was designing around. She was designing. She was just doing her thing. I haven't even watched the first one. It's on MacDowell. It's okay. So, I remember that from the first one. The first one no one watched. That was when Sting was in it. I think Sting was in it. Oh, we watched the one from the 80s. I think Sting was in it. No, I'm talking about the one from the 80s. We didn't watch that one.

I think, no I didn't, but I think Sting was in the original too. Yes. Yeah. Can we watch Labyrinth with them? No, I'm just saying. No. I'm just saying. I'm scared. So well, John gets to pick what we watch. John picks one movie that's not the one that's the whole topic.


What? So anything that your heart desires. Oh man. Something that hopefully we haven't seen. That was at the Greenlight Cinema. Girls will be girls. We're watching Girls Will Be Girls? Yeah. Okay. I'm pretty sure I'll love it. Talkable. Do you know that movie? No. Bye.

Shame on you. No, no, no. Bad gay. He's not allowed, he's okay to not know. Bad gay. Is it girls on girls? Girls will be girls. And that's who girls will cut. That's a different one. That one guy would chart. That's another one. Girls on girls. Yeah, I know. I don't think I do. Oh, I know this movie. I haven't seen it, but. Girls will be scared. Have you seen women?

So girls will be girls. It's a movie the women. Yes Yeah, oh cuz you're trying to out game me now I guess you have this one yeah


Matt Bone? Matt Bone. He does video essays. Oh, like the handsome actor guy that now... He's not an actor. No, I'm thinking Matt... Yeah, no, I know who you're talking about, Nick. Yeah, he does video essays on YouTube about the history of, like, gay representation in Hollywood. Oh, okay. And I watch all of his videos. And he did one recently about a different movie from that same writer-director.

Okay. And he said that one was good, so. Okay, so Girls Will Be Girls is a movie about three actress hopefuls? Yes. There is Edie, who's kind of like a B, um.

D-list, has been, like she had like a, maybe a flash. Oh, gotcha, uh-huh. And then there's Coco, who's her roommate, who went there to be an actress, but was distracted by some very politically incorrect reasons that I'm not gonna say till we discuss. Well, we will talk about it, we'll watch.

Varla, who's played by Varla G. Merman, who is the ingenue, comes into town and comes to be rents a room from them in their home, because she wants to make it in Hollywood. So it's played by, oh my god, I can't remember UD's name, Jack, Jack Popnik.

I believe his name. He was on the Ellen show I think. Oh yeah, that's right. Um, he might have been in some Nickelodeon thing. He wasn't. Also Gunther. Am I getting my junior mixed up? He passed the mic. Jackpot. No, Gunther from France. Oh. Yeah, I remember he was one of the like, early out.


So, right, so all the parts are, they're women roles, but they're played by men in drag, but they're played straight, like, or in the poem. Like, I mean, like, they're played like, we're not making, like, we're gonna play it like if I was really playing this character kind of thing. And that's where the camp comes up, you know, because it...

The more serious you are in committed, the funnier it is.

Right. Yeah. You know, like, hey, I'm a man. Yeah, I'm just playing this character and it's shit. And then Coco is Coco Peru, who's a legendary track for you for decades and decades. And then Varlagina is Varlagina Merman, who's another like she's at Freefall on Thursday. Oh, wow. Yeah. I wish I could go to that. We were going to

Cirque du Soleil on Friday night and then I had Art I had this studio. Right. Yeah. Yeah, that's too much but it's and the guy There's a guy from which from Modern Family The heavier set guy from the couple. Oh, yeah. I love him. He's Dr. Dreaming Unlike his he plays a rapey doctor Again, we'll discuss when we discuss

It's very bad, like it's very incorrect. Eric Stone Street. Is that his name? Yes. Yeah. It's one of my, it's, it's a, I wouldn't say it's a cinematic wonder.


because it's not like, it's a cinematography and all this. But as far as a movie that will just fill your soul, I guarantee it. And that's the movie we're gonna watch and review. Because we need to get more people to watch it.

Right on. All right, so next time we'll all be together, we'll be reviewing that film. Yes! Yes, I love that, I love that. It was fun, guys. Had a great time. Thank you. Thank you for hosting. I feel like getting out of my house. All right, so to wrap it up, John, where can people find you? Jay Gascot, that's J-G-A-S-C-O-T on almost any platform, Instagram.


Facebook Much anymore just anybody I don't know like I still have an account But Instagram and tech top and Christopher Facebook Instagram Christopher rich Ron


and Leslie. You can find me at Leslie Haas Real Tour or at Tampa Bay Homes for Sale dot real estate. Yes. Thank you all so much for doing this with me. Thank you.


Chain Assembly: Art for profit sake is recorded through Riverside FM, distributed through Spotify for podcasters, and edited on Adobe Audition. The music is provided by Old Romans. If you learned anything useful or found this podcast helpful, please rate and review us five stars. If you want to learn more about me or my art, head over to ChainAssembly.com.

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