Production Begins

Production Begins

Hello again! 

The printer noticed they had given me the wrong template for the box design, so I used that as an opportunity to make a slight tweak to the design. Because it is not just a deck, I decided to change the subtitle on the front of the box from "A Dark Oracle Deck" to simply "The Dark Oracle." I also added a little heart on the box, as a little tease of the gore within.

I also increased the thickness of the coin from 2mm to 3mm.

The final box dimensions will be 102mm*147mm*57mm (4"x5.8"x2.25").

Meanwhile, the postcards are moving along swimmingly! The final batch arrives from the printer ( today. Here's a photo of what these sets will look like:

As soon as they arrive I'll be shuffling up all the postcards and assembling these boxes. Since they will be ready to ship by tomorrow, I'll reach out to the nine of you who added this to your pledge and give you a coupon code to allow you to collect it.

You can view more photos and the listing on my website here. Aside from this project's backers, I'll be putting some of these sets in local art vending machines and town. If you didn't include this in your pledge but would like to have a set, please let me know in the comments or in a message.

Regarding the shirts and prints I'm selling via my website, you may have noticed that they are all mockups. I ordered The Bereaved as a shirt and must say it looks glorious. Check out the photo above. If you want any of the cards as prints or shirts, remember that you can take 20% off of the price with KSGORACLE as the coupon code on check out. 


So where are we now? Now we wait. All files have been approved. Production will likely take a few weeks, then a month and a half at sea/awaiting customs.

As soon as I receive photos of the production process, you will be the first to know. I feel confident that I'll be getting these out to you by the end of November. The estimated delivery date of December 2021 is still looking good, although I have heard a lot of horror stories about the supply chain. My last project, Satisfy, took a month just to get through customs. I've calculated that into my estimates.


Once again, thank you so much for your support. I couldn't do any of this without you!