Preorder The Goracle

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still preorder the deck here. The products below are listed at 15% off of the retail price. These pre-order listings will be available until the deck is finalized and sent off to the manufacturer for production. 

You'll notice that shipping is not part of the cost. Once the decks have arrived from my manufacturer and are ready to be shipped to backers, you will each receive a link to collect the deck from my online store with the cost of it reduced to $0. You'll then be responsible for entering your address and paying for the shipping rate to your specific country.

The packages will be shipped by my fulfillment partner, ShipBob, out of St Petersburg, Florida, United States. Working with this partner gets me access to shipping costs that are much cheaper then if I were to take them to my local post office and pay the retail shipping rates. Based on a 20 ounce package, here are some shipping domestic and international estimates:

  • United States (East Coast) - $11.93
  • United States (West Coast) - $16.93
  • United Kingdom - $16.57
  • South Africa - $25.22
  • Russia - $22.76
  • Australia - $25.61
  • Thailand - $24.58

*Please note that shipping costs constantly change and the final weight of the package is unknown at this time.

**Please note that your country may charge you additional duties to pick up international shipments over varying values. 

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