Goracle: The Survivor


Your are an amalgam of the stories in which you've participated. Every part you've played is a piece of the puzzle that makes you who you are. If you find yourself confused by your own conclusions, explore your past to find the breadcrumbs.


The person you are now is not the person you will be. You have a whole array of adventures, decisions, and roles ahead of you. If you don't like who you are now, be assured that you will be someone else when the time comes.

About the Art:

The idea for this card came from Kickstarter backer Jennifer, when she suggested False Alarm or Near Death as ideas for cards. From that I created The Survivor, inspired by the horror movie trope of a woman who survives all the tragedy that befalls her. After researching many horror movie endings to get inspired, I eventually realized that the act of surviving can easily be depicting by trudging through mud. So I ended up using some photos of the Tough Mudder competition for the inspiration.