Goracle: The Open Mind


This card represents your creativity. Your ideas, your imagination, your plans for the future. Alongside other cards it can also represent that the threats or targets of the other cards are all imagined. The effects they cause may be real, but the source of their power is in your head and not the physical will of others.


Inverted this represents the physical, the concrete, and the forces outside your control. It has the ability to help define the cards around it by providing more details on the source of the forces acting upon you.

About the Art:

The imagery for this card comes from a scene in the Brazilian film "Bacurau." There's no deep meaning behind selecting this image- I just thought it was an impressive piece of special effects and prosthetics so I wanted to honor the work that went into it. For this particular card, The idea of an open mind came before I select this image as inspiration.