Goracle: The Inverted


Your life is an open book, so much so that you are an attractive target for those who want to harm you or take advantage of you. Reflect on where you can be more guarded and try not to trust everyone you meet. This card also inverts the meanings of those that border it.


You have over guarded yourself and need to reopen your life to risk and opportunity. Not everyone you meet is trying to do you harm, so expect the best and don’t take it personally when people disappoint you. This card also inverts the cards that it borders.

About the Art:

The idea for "The Inverted" was first and foremost to have a card that inverts those around it. Therefore, I also had to invert my color scheme and draw white upon a black background. I combined a few gruesome x-rays for the reference of my drawing. Because of it's special place in the deck, I decided to also make it numbered 0.