Goracle: The Bifurcated


You are at a crossroads, a large decision is in front of you and neither option seems easy or correct. Both will be a struggle and your ultimate destination is obscured in both directions.


You have chosen a path in a recent decision and your destination is starting to emerge from the fog. You begin to see your new home now and it is a natural progression of the road you traveled to get there. Ultimately, your goal is a reflection of the effort you expended along the way, so try to make the best of your hard work.

About the Art:

For the model I used a photo of one of my favorite singers Me'Shell Ndegeocello. No deep reason other than I have often used her face some of my art, so I figured I might as well not break the trend. For the inside of her head I used a split head photo from the Bodies exhibit. I thought this death was a little farfetched but it's still gory, provides for a beautiful image, and is a fun word to say.