Goracle: The Betrayed


Be wary of those around you, as they don't have your best interest in mind and it may be coming to a head in the near future. Alternately, this may represent you showing too much trust and a need for a heightened sense of security. Take a moment to identify your friends, enemies, and those who are indifferent.


You have betrayed someone else's trust. They counted on you to support them but you were nowhere to be found. If you want to salvage this relationship you must make amends and show sincere remorse.

About the Art:

I searched high and low for images of Brutus stabbing Caesar in the back but none of them looked good enough to use a reference. So I simulated it by using a man in a child's pose, threw in some swords, and had the silhouettes of men in hats behind him. I wanted formal hats to make them seem civilized, despite the fact that they seem to have no qualms with murder.